So today I made this super easy pasta dish. I had some scallops on hand so added those for some protein (I don’t think I ever get enough protein). Anyway, you can make this with any kind of pasta- I had some squid ink fettuccine that I got from

All you need to do is sear the scallops in olive oil or butter (I used a combination) for about 2 mins per side – one min if your pan us super hot. Meanwhile cook the pasta to al dente. Once the scallops are done, put them on a plate, turn off burner and throw a bunch of minced garlic into the pan – you know how much you want; there is never enough garlic for me. The pan will be hot enough to cook garlic but not enough to burn it. If it looks like garlic might burn, take pan off the burner. At this point, throw some red pepper flakes in there. Along with salt, pepper and whatever herbs you like. Drain your pasta and dump it into the pan and mix it around to get the butter/olive oil on the noodles. Put in your favorite bowl and put those scallops on top. All done!

…And I ate it watching baseball. Life is good.

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